About Us

About Us

USTOM's academically rigorous curriculum challenges students to combine serious theoretical study with meaningful real-world learning experiences.

Saint Tomas University (USTOM) is one of the most innovative executive education communities in Central America with regional and international students. From bachelor to doctoral degrees, USTOM faculty, students, and alumni come together from all parts of the world to facilitate knowledge sharing, learning, and networking in ways that produce professional value and life-enhancing results.

USTOM is recognized by National Council of Universities in Nicaragua (CNU - Consejo Nacional de Universidades).

Small classes with caring professors open the world to you, practical experience – internships, service learning – helps you find your place in it


At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth, the idea of a Higher Education Institution was promoted in Granada, thus materializing a private initiative with the denomination Universidad de Oriente y Mediodía, known as the University of Granada. She specialized in Law, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine. From her came personalities of the country, such as Dr. René Schick Gutiérrez, President of the Republic, and Doctor Marcos López Miranda, President Supreme Court of Justice and others. Especially in the medical field.

In May of 1950 for political reasons the dictator Anastasio Somoza Garci'a, ordered the closing of this University and concentrated the university studies in the city of Leon. Thus for several decades the student population of Granada saw their opportunities for higher education extremely limited.

During 1997 a private civic group, headed by the Municipal Mayor of the time the Physician Silvio Urbina, and integrated by Granada of diverse social sectors, initiated managements before the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua to restart the university studies in Granada. These efforts did not achieve this purpose. In 1997 he obtained the advice and collaboration of the Universidad Santo Tomas, UST, Santiago de Chile, whose Rector Gerardo Rocha Vera, had established a friendly relationship with Dr. Roberto Ferrey Echaverry during his stay in the sister Republic of Chile.

With such support, it is appealed to the National Council of Universities, CNU, created under Law 89 in 1990 as a regulator of the sub-system of Higher Education in Nicaragua. Law denominated, Law of Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education. On November 03, 2003, the CNU agreed to authorize the University of Santo Tomás de Oriente and Mediodía, USTOM as Higher Education Institution, with all the rights and prerogatives of an institution of Higher Education for the area of Granadina.