Mission & Vision


Guarantee Educational Services at the highest level of the highest professional, technical, humanistic and Christian values, ethical, solidarity and democratic values.


To be the flagship university, in the Granad Region, in Higher Education. Make the commitment of the highest quality in their education and wide access to all sectors of the Community, especially the less economically favored, but with sufficient merits.

In 2004, we adhered to the Institutional Self-Assessment process promoted by the Government of Nicaragua with the cooperation of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This process was successfully completed with the verification carried out by External Evaluation Partners, a team that included the International Specialist in Higher Education and Professor of the San Carlos University of Guatemala, Mr. Juan Alberto Martínez Figueroa (RIP).

In this course the USTOM has managed to graduate 134 professionals from the different careers and public promotions and multiple graduation ceremonies have been carried out when the number of graduates does not facilitate a ceremony in public.

By law number 740 was created the national council of evaluation and accreditation, which established the need to carry out a new process of self-evaluation within the legal framework just created. In the year 2015 the USTOM completed its Self-evaluation process, which was verified by External Peers designated by CNEA itself. In addition to such verification, the team of Peer Reviewers had as Mission to project an Institution Improvement Plan that has three years for its implementation. The USTOM has already approved the Improvement Plan that has been deposited with the CNEA and on which we have begun the process of reviewing the institutional structure of the institution, its institutional regulations and the updating of curricula and improvements in management Financial management. Of the original promoter group, some were separated as their objectives were more short term. When obtaining the authorization the group had been reduced to these four people, Mary Jane Lara Bravo, Josefa Auxiliadora Sandoval Diaz, Xiomara Pérez Martínez and Roberto Ferrey Echaverry. Thus was assumed the development of the project and made a distribution of functions according to the curriculums of each one. Thus, Licenciado Lara, Business Administrator assumed the Vice-Rectory Administrative Finance, Licenciado Pérez, Lawyer, assumed the General Secretariat and Registry Academic, Engineer Sandoval, Chemical Engineer and Educator, assumed the Vice-Rectoría Académica and Dr. Roberto Ferrey, Lawyer, assumed the Rectory and coordination of the team.